Letter from True North Aid

Along with this charming photo, we received a lovely letter from True North Aid:

We saw, first-hand, the great need and the relief and thankfulness on the faces of those who received help.  Food provisions on this remote First Nations reserve are extremely expensive and many families struggle just to make ends meet every week.  It was such a privilege to be delivering boxes of food and supplies door to door – representing benevolent donors like yourselves, through True North Aid’s shipment!  I wish you could have seen, in person, the thankfulness on the faces of the many families we visited!  I have enclosed a couple of photos of the distribution.

So, again, please accept our sincere thanks for your caring part in making Christmas 2011 a special one in Attawapiskat!

Thanks so much for helping us, True North Aid, Torontonian volunteers and donors, xpace, the amazing cleaning staff at the Toronto Park Hyatt, and Six Nations! We couldn’t have done it without your support.

But there’s more work to be done.

We’re still working on our next initiative in support of Attawapiskat, but please check back for an announcement soon.

Thank you, everyone!


Look who came by to help!

These helpers said hello and brought some none perishable food!

We’re still taking stuff all day today, bring batteries, flashlights, first aid kits, children’s coats, diapers, and baby formula!



Hey, so we’re probably good for boxes. Thanks!

Now we really need donations to fill them! Detergents, first aid kits, new toiletries, warm children’s clothes, and fire extinguishers are in especially high demand. And diapers and infant formula.

We’ll be here untill at least 6pm to collect and pack your donations, so come on down to xpace at 58 Ossington Ave!

300 Boxes and counting!

We’ve got 300 boxes of warm clothes, toys, tampons, and nonperishable food ready to go to Attawapiskat.

But we’re not done yet! We’re still taking donations!

Especially needed: Warm clothing for children aged 3-12, baby formula, diapers, sporting equipment, space heaters, new or like new blankets, winter coats, hockey sticks, dish and laundry detergents, and sponges and other cleaning supplies. Also: first aid kits, fire extinguishers,wash basins, hygiene kits, and crank flashlightsSee what other items we’re looking for in this post.

Come by Xpace (58 Ossington Ave) anytime today between 11am and 6.30pm. See you soon!

Come help?

Here’s a peek at some of the stuff that’s already been donated! Awesome.

Now we could use a hand getting it all sorted and packaged for the trip to Attawapiskat!

Can you drop by for a few hours today, or tomorrow to give us a hand? We’re at Xpace, 58 Ossington st, Toronto, just north of Queen Street, and could use your help anytime from 11 until 6pm. Come on by, and don’t forget to bring a donation, or a box! Even if you can’t bring goods, come on down to help with your hands.

You’re all awesome for helping us make this donation drive do the greatest possible good for the people in Attawapiskat. See you soon!

Let’s help!

We’ve organized a donation drive to provide the people of Attawapiskat with some emergency supplies:

What’s needed:

Top Priority Items

New blankets, new winter coats, new wool socks, new winter gloves, new children’s clothing, electric space heaters, tampons, toilet paper, dried milk, infant formula, diapers (infant and adult), insulated sleeping mats, sleeping bags, first aid supplies, new towels, new/unopened toiletries, diaper rash cream

Other Items

Children’s toys, board games, winter sporting equipment, clean gently used winter clothing, clean gently used blankets, clean gently used towels, clean gently used children’s clothing, sturdy boxes, nonperishable food stuffs

Where and When to Drop things off:

Xpace Gallery has generously offered to store donations.

They are located at 58 Ossington Ave (just slightly north of Queen St. West), and will be accepting donations from Tuesday November 29th until Monday December 5th, from 11am to 4pm.


While Xpace will be accepting donations throughout the week, the main days for the donation drive are Sunday December 4th and Monday December 5th, from 11am to 7pm.

Please check back for more updates and resources soon!